Keeping You Working Even When The Temperatures Drop

While many other professions and industries start to wind down alongside the dropping temperatures, this does not apply to the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing routinely serves as a beacon within the Northeastern, American, and even worldwide economies, and this concept does not change once the winter months begin to roll in, especially within our frigid New England region.

Supplying The World With Necessary Products

As long as people require medical supplies, airplanes need to fly, and vehicles need to run correctly, manufacturing careers will always flourish as a vital working cog in the worldwide economy. The toys purchased for children during the holiday season are more than likely made up of parts created and even assembled within a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, making manufacturers the truest real-world version of Santa Claus.

The importance of manufacturing doesn’t end at toys and shopping products, though. Critical products and materials created and assembled within manufacturing facilities have real-world applications that do not end simply because it’s cold outside. Metals, plastics, and textiles make up almost everything that you can see and touch around you.

Trucks don’t deliver packages without a CNC Machine Operator programming and controlling the robots that help create it. Life-saving medical equipment can’t exist without a CNC Machinist. Airplanes can’t fly, snow blowers can’t remove snow for your elderly family members, military equipment can’t protect us from outside threats – the list goes on and on. Essentially, our world and economy cannot function without the diligent efforts of manufacturers, especially during the winter.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Facilities – Keeping You Safe

When it comes to safety, manufacturing has made incredible strides. Many companies have taken a good hard look at the safety measures within their facilities and have innovated them through technological advances and meticulous strategic planning. Now, more than ever, technical know-how and computer savviness has become a staple in the manufacturing industry, allowing educated, trained specialists to control manufacturing practices, computers, and robots from safe distances and with more precision than ever before.

Of course, the elephant in the room is COVID-19 and the anticipated surge in COVID-19 numbers over the colder months. New England’s manufacturing facilities are taking this matter seriously, enforcing strict safety measures such as social distancing and mask protection. There’s no reason to not pursue an active and successful career in manufacturing due to this unfortunate pandemic. No matter what, the world still needs trained, motivated, and ready to work manufacturing professionals.

Create Your Own Career Opportunities With AMTEP

The start of a promising manufacturing career in the northeast begins with the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program (or AMTEP). Put forth by the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium, AMTEP guides young, motivated trainees towards fulfilling careers in manufacturing. Benefits include over 415 hours of hands-on training at accessible community colleges and institutions on or near the North Shore, career guidance, and optional education opportunities such as facility tours, language courses, and foundational training.

If you’re currently relying on an insecure seasonal profession where work availability varies depending on climate conditions, it may be time to jump into a more stable career. AMTEP may just be the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for to start a stable, safe, reliable, and meaningful career today.