Programs are NO COST

Learn a dynamic new profession like welding, robotics and more!

 By Judy Bass


Monday, July 25, 2022 – Students who graduate from the advanced manufacturing training programs offered by the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (NAMC) are well-equipped for outstanding, entry-level roles in thriving fields like Welding, Robotics, CNC machining, Electromechanical Assembly and more.

Every effort is made to help each person achieve personal success and placement in an entry-level advanced manufacturing job that has plentiful, realistic possibilities for future growth and economic stability.

“We feel that these programs represent a one-of-a-kind opportunity for anyone who is willing to commit to regularly attending the classes, doing the work and absorbing the material,” said NAMC Executive Director Maryanne Ham.  “The tremendous success of our graduates unmistakably demonstrates the value of this training. Many of them have told us that it has improved their lives in countless positive ways.”

Ham added, “The philosophy that underlies all of NAMC’s advanced manufacturing training is the importance of practical, hands-on learning. That is the basis of everything we do. Each skill our students acquire is something they will use in their future careers as qualified, talented, upwardly-mobile professionals.”

NAMC, in partnership with scores of its manufacturing partners statewide, plus local community colleges, training facilities and career and technical high schools. provides intensive training programs taught by highly experienced industry professionals that are given at various times of the year at different sites in the MASSHIRE Metro North, North Shore, Merrimack Valley and Lowell areas. Our career centers will assist graduates with career readiness, i.e., resume writing, job interview and job search techniques.

The programs are “NO COST” to those candidates that are determined to be eligible. Our MASSHIRE Career Center staff will work with the candidates to determine eigibility.

The value of these advanced manufacturing programs is that they can lead directly to multiple, promising career paths such as Welder, Electromechanical Assembler, Electronic Techncian, Quality Control Inspector, CNC Machine Operator and Robotic Technician, to name a few examples.

Graduates of these programs make, on average, from $22/hour with a full benefit package.

With additional education and experience, graduates can go as far and as high in the advanced manufacturing industry as they wish. The options available to them are remarkably wide-ranging.

Here are some details about each NAMC career pathway:

Machining: Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators, Metal and Plastic

Entry-level hourly wage $22 / Annual wage $45,576

Can lead to positions such as Machinist, Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Tool

Programmer, Mechanical Enginnering Technician

Assembler: Electromechanical Equipment Assembler

Hourly wage $19.25 / Annual wage $40,040

Can lead to positions such as Team Leader, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician,

 Quality: Quality Control Inspector  Entry-level hourly wage $21.95 / Annual wage $45,660

Can lead to positions such as Quality Assurance Supervisor, Quality Control Engineering Technician,

Validation Engineer, Quality Control Manager

Supply Chain: Procurement Clerks  Hourly wage $22.67 / Annual wage $47,160

Can lead to positions such as Acounts Payable Supervisor, Buyer and Purchasing Agent,

Assistant Purchasing Manager, Purchasing Manager



AUGUST 22, 2022 TO DECEMBER 14, 2022




AUGUST 22, 2022 TO NOVEMBER 23, 2022


The Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (NAMC) is a successful collaborative partnership led by the MassHire Metro North, Merrimack Valley, Greater Lowell, and North Shore workforce boards. NAMC is dedicated to serving the workforce needs of the Northeast Massachusetts Advanced Manufacturing industry.  Partners in this consortium include the MassHire Career Centers, local technical high schools, community colleges, and other educational institutions, community based organizations, various public and private funders and northeast advanced manufacturing companies.  NAMC serves more than 200 area manufacturers and job seekers providing free training for dynamic 21st-century careers in Advanced Manufacturing. Intensive, hands-on instruction in key areas like Welding, CNC Machining and Robotics is offered, led by highly experienced professionals who guide students through each learning module at a pace that is comfortable and accessible for them. Guidance to programs that provide high school equivalency, math fundamentals, help for English Language Learners and study skills is available as well. Job readiness, including resume writing, interviewing preparation and linkages to employers, is done through MassHire Career Centers. With an 85% placement rate, program graduates can anticipate a career with exciting potential in a burgeoning profession.

NAMC registered apprenticeships provide another real-world, hands-on dimension of the training experience. They can be tailored to meet any employer’s requirements. These apprenticeships are valuable to employees in various disciplines who wish to cultivate their skills. For example, administrators, those with office positions and maintenance workers can benefit tremendously from this opportunity, along with professionals already in the Advanced Manufacturing industry.

For more information, please visit The Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (NAMC).