College isn’t for everyone, but the traditional four year higher education path isn’t the only one to follow. There are many other career training opportunities for people who hold the initiative and desire to gain skills and break into growing industries. 

Keep reading to find out how you can break into an entirely new career with absolutely no debt through the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program (AMTEP). 

AMTEP vs. Higher Education 

Many people consider college to be a good investment in themselves, and for some this is true. The majority of people, however, do not have the funds or even the time to dedicate to four years of full time education. Not to mention the immense responsibility and stress that comes with taking out thousands of dollars worth of loans, for many the option of higher-education in the college setting is just not realistic. 

There are, however, other ways to advance your education and skill set. Ways that do not require a huge time commitment or a large amount of money. Designed specifically for unemployed, underemployed, and inexperienced career seekers, AMTEP offers free training classes, all which have been vetted by Northeast Advanced Manufacturers (NAMC). 

 “We have tons of unfilled skilled labor jobs that we don’t have qualified candidates for. You can make a good living, a comfortable living, without crushing student debt right out of High School,” said Giovanni Cintolo, an Advanced Manufacturing Teacher at Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School.

Even if you are someone who has been working in a specific industry your entire professional life, training with AMTEP offers you the opportunity to not only break into a new career, but advance within it. All while allowing you to save the time and money you need to keep your daily life on track.  

Free Training 

AMTEP offers free training in several different areas: CNC Machine Operation, Welding, Electronic Technician, Electro Mechanical Assembly, Quality Control Inspector, and Robotics are all offered in multiple training cycles throughout our educational partners and career centers’ four regions- North Shore, Lowell, Merrimack Valley, and Metro North. 

Instead of years, our training programs are broken down into hours. Many of our classes are broken into half days, allowing students the ability to continue working their previous jobs while they receive their education. In a matter of weeks, students will go from having no previous experience to being fully equipped with the skills they need to build a successful and lucrative career in manufacturing. 

One of the most desirable traits of our training programs is the ability for people to come in and learn through hands-on experiences. Our programs also offer fundamental training for English language learners, high school equivalency, and math tutoring. All of our programs are taught by industry experts, they range from 280 to 415 hours, and are specifically designed to provide the most effective and engaging education that is aligned specifically to industry needs. 


In addition to our free training classes, at AMTEP we also offer registered apprenticeships. Using our network, we provide students with a training plan that outlines the needs for on-the-job training and connect them with positions where they can gain skills in real time. 

If you are someone who doesn’t want to take on the debt of a traditional college career, but want to go into a highly skilled career that will reward you in the long run, sign up for one of our classes today