Manufacturing, as an industry, is often stigmatized and generalized by those who know little about it. Contrary to common belief, manufacturing is an industry that holds abundant opportunity and interest points for everyone. Keep reading to find out just how inclusive of an industry that manufacturing truly is and how it holds the answers to questions those who are unsatisfied in their careers are asking. 


What is Manufacturing? 

Simply put, manufacturing describes the production of goods with assistance of tools, machines, equipment, or scientific processes, such as biological or chemical. Whereas many people may associate manufacturing with assembly lines and factories, the work done in manufacturing is in fact much more intimate and dynamic. 

Manufacturing has essentially been around as long as civilization has demanded goods, and as times change, manufacturing changes alongside them. Although many think of manufacturing as an industry that will be left behind, the opposite is actually true. 

As technology advances, so does the efficiency and accuracy of manufacturing. Machines, robotics, and science in general have never been as developed and at such a quick rate as they are currently. These industries are the cornerstone of manufacturing and they will carry it into the future. 


What Careers Are Included in Manufacturing? 

In addition to the traditional sectors of manufacturing such as welding, machine operation, and robotics, industries such as baking, dental and medical appliance technicians, jewelers, tailors, woodworkers, and many more professions are also included under the umbrella of manufacturing. 

Many people who consider themselves to be creatives shy away from the idea of entering manufacturing, when in fact, manufacturing is one of the most creative industries in the professional landscape. To manufacture is to create, whether it be in the form of technology, textiles, food, etc. If you are someone who is creatively inclined, there are many positions in manufacturing which would allow you the creative freedom and satisfaction that you seek as an artist in the workforce. 


How Can I Pursue a Career In Manufacturing? 

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