At AMTEP, we offer unemployed and underemployed people of all walks of life and education levels no-cost training to become part of the manufacturing industry. However, no class can run without an instructor. That’s why we’re always looking for experienced machinists and other industry professionals looking to train the next generation. Here are the ways becoming an AMTEP instructor could change your life.

Share Your Experience

Are you a retired manufacturer, or have you been involved in the industry and feel you still have more to offer? Then becoming an AMTEP instructor could be for you! You can share your extensive knowledge and firsthand experience with adult learners looking for a career change.

Whether you’re a machinist, an engineer, a technician, or involved in robotics, your experience could be invaluable to the program. You can pass on your experience and help prepare future manufacturers so they can move up in their new career and feel fulfilled in the industry.

Won’t Interfere with Your Schedule

Don’t worry about not enjoying your retirement, though, or feeling like you’ve taken on a new job. Our training programs are conducted at local Vocational High Schools during the late afternoon and early evening. It’s typically 20 hours per week for about 20 weeks, so you’ll still be able to relax at home and enjoy the freedom of your retirement. You’ll also be paid, so it’s financially rewarding as well as mentally rewarding.

Being an AMTEP instructor is basically a part-time gig that will still leave plenty of time for the traveling, socializing, relaxation, and family time you’ve been waiting for since you first started planning your retirement.

5 Benefits of Hands-On Manufacturing Training

Be Involved in the Future of the Industry

Currently, a lot of experienced manufacturers are retiring, meaning that there’s a potential labor shortage in the industry. If you’re looking to retire but still want to be active, becoming an instructor could be for you. As the manufacturing industry is key to the American economy and society, helping to prepare the next generation of manufacturers benefits you as much as it does them.

Find Fulfillment 

According to instructors like Chris Speropolous and Tiffany McFarlane, programs like AMTEP absolutely make a difference, and being an instructor is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling opportunity. You’ll see students begin with little understanding of the intricacies of manufacturing, only to finish the program with an exciting job offer. In fact, many former students become instructors themselves, so you can act as a mentor for several generations of students. It’s a way to leave your personal, positive mark on the industry in a fulfilling way.

If you’re looking for something to do upon your retirement from the manufacturing industry, consider becoming an AMTEP instructor. It’s a great opportunity to pave the way for the next generation of manufacturers.