The Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program (AMTEP) was created to help people move into fulfilling manufacturing careers. By investing in those who have the desire and bravery to switch career paths and look to better themselves, we can improve the lives of manufacturing employees and the skills found in the workplace. 

 Today let’s look at the impact that training such as those offered at AMTEP have on employee retention rate and success, diving into why going the extra step to invest in your employees training is beneficial to not only you as an employer and them as an employee, but your company culture as well. 

Feel Invested 

Employees who are put through training are working on building a new set of skills. Although this can be a challenge to some, it is very rewarding and will ultimately better them in the long run. The time and effort that employees put into their training will not only better them as skilled workers, but will make them feel as though they have invested in their position, as they truthfully have! 

Feeling a new sense of belonging and value, employees will be much more likely to want to stay in their position and put their newly acquired skills to the test. Not only will they succeed in their role because of comprehensive training, but they will also feel valued by their employer and not like they are just another replaceable part in the machine. 

Create Job Satisfaction 

When employers take the time and energy to train their employees in a proper and formal setting, employees notice and appreciate this. Not only will they appreciate being formally educated and trained, they will be able to work with the knowledge that their employer felt they were worth investing in. 

Keeping employees happy is not as difficult as many people perceive it to be. Simply making it obvious that they are valued, trusted in, and taken care of is often enough to have people staying at a job for years to come. 

Encourage Confidence

When employees are directly given the skills they need to succeed in their role, there will be no doubt in their minds that they are not good enough. One of the most difficult parts of maintaining a job is knowing that what you are doing is simply enough.

Training employees allows them to hear directly from their employer on what they expected to do, leaving no blurred lines or confusion between them. This communication and clear plan automatically sets your employees up for success, as they can go into work each day with the knowledge that they are doing a good job. 

Additionally, expanding your employees skill set will be something that they will never lose and something they consider to be invaluable. Showing that you care not just about your company, but also the success of your employees, is something rare in modern days and will be appreciated beyond measure. 

AMTEP was created with the knowledge that when you empower and invest in people, they will not let you down. Through offering manufacturing training at little to no cost for those looking to better themselves and their lives, we can create an industry built on support and trust, consequently improving employee turnover rates through the medium of humanity. Contact AMTEP today if you are looking to get involved.