Now more than ever, young adults across the country require a sustainable fast track towards career success. With the current global health crisis creating overall career and economic uncertainty, millennials should be prepared to use any advantage possible and seize opportunities to develop healthy, successful careers.

At the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (NAMC), we’ve strategically put together a program solely designed to train and place young adults into promising and fulfilling manufacturing careers, called AMTEP.

What is the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program (AMTEP)?

The Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program (or AMTEP) is designed to guide motivated unemployed or underemployed individuals towards career success in the manufacturing field. We achieve this goal by working with our college and vocational school partnerships to offer AMTEP trainees high-level, expert hands-on experience training.

The NAMC seeks to use AMTEP to expand manufacturing training opportunities on the north shore to its full capacity, ensuring potential job growth and propelling industry success. Talent within manufacturing in an ever-growing demand, with much of the current workforce retiring at an alarming rate. AMTEP hopes to meet that need head-on, by training dedicated, driven, and well-natured trainees and placing them within needed manufacturing positions on the north shore, within successful companies.

With over 415 hours of hands-on, technical machine training, hosted at local vocational schools and institutions, AMTEP instructors are able to expertly prepare trainees for a promising career in manufacturing. The program also allows students to participate in English as a Second Language instruction course, foundational training, and tours of actual manufacturing locations and facilities. Throughout the course, instructors and career services provide meaningful assistance to all trainees, ensuring that the manufacturing industry receives a motivated and talented workforce. This also benefits the trainees, as hands-on training gives them a head start for career success.

Creating a Talented and Fulfilled Workforce

According to research conducted by the Pew Research Center, 30% of Americans view their work as just another job to get them by, and only 49% of working Americans say that their job leaves them fully satisfied. Many of these jobs are considered dead-ends, working from paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet, dramatically reducing job satisfaction and fulfillment.

A career in manufacturing promises continued job development and growth, keeping you moving forward, continually educating yourself, and supporting those around you. We believe that young adults simply need a boost in the right direction. We believe in our trainees, and this belief has led to 95% of AMTEP students finding job placement into successful manufacturing organizations after graduating from the program.

Seize Control of Your Career

AMTEP prepares students for potentially life-changing manufacturing career opportunities. Many young adults who struggle with underemployment or long-periods of unemployment develop a lack of motivation. Searching for job opportunities only to find dead-end, unstable positions can be emotionally, mentally, and even physically draining on an individual, taking away a person’s drive, passion, and motivation. These unfortunate circumstances are not how career development and growth should feel.

Our training programs are designed to nurture passion and career enlightenment. With newly formed technical skills, expert know-how, and base-level manufacturing knowledge, AMTEP graduates are poised to seize control of their careers, entering the workforce with pride and confidence. Manufacturing employees wake up every single morning, knowing that the effort that they put in today can make a massive difference within the manufacturing industry and for the clients and/or customers that their organization serves.

Benefits of a Manufacturing Career


There’s a common misconception that the manufacturing industry consists of dull, meaningless positions where you push a button on an assembly line for hours on end. Beliefs such as this couldn’t be further from the truth. A career in manufacturing gives workers front-line access to cutting-edge aerospace, food, pharmaceutical, and technology, ensuring that the products created work correctly and are put to use out in the real world. Industry workers are able to point to airplanes, household appliances, spaceships, mobile devices, and life-saving pharmaceuticals, and say to themselves and everyone around them, “I helped create that.”


By utilizing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology, manufacturing facilities are safer now, more than ever. With robot-assisted facilities and technological automation, manufacturing has come a long way when it comes to workplace safety and continues to innovate safety measures consistently. With AMTEP’s head start training, you’ll have all the tools you need to ensure a long, healthy career.


The industry has become a bastion in career growth. Compensated training, promotions, and new job openings are a staple of the industry, allowing employees to continue learning and innovating even after graduating from the program and accepting job placement. The opportunities are truly limitless to all those who wish to seize them.


New, cutting-edge tools, techniques, and technology are introduced into the industry every single day. The rapid advancement of technology ensures that better, more reliable, and highly efficient workplace tools, machines, and software are implemented and utilized to their full potential. With an aging and retiring workforce leaving the industry by the thousands, organizations urgently require young professionals seeking to wield these incredible innovations with excitement and interest.

AMTEP is the Head Start You Need

The NAMC seeks to use AMTEP to give young adults a head start in achieving their career and lifestyle goals. The base-line, foundational training provided by the program propels motivated graduates into successful manufacturing careers, ensuring that both workers and organizations reap the benefits. Trained, well-natured graduates bring a quality level of experience to the table when applying or getting placed in job opportunities, with readiness to take on technological challenges, overcome those challenges, and use those challenges to benefit the company and manufacturing as a whole.

If you’re currently seeking employment that promotes job growth, lifestyle changes, and overall career success, we urge you to reach out about joining the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program. We’ll give you the opportunity to head start your career in a significant way, ensuring that you leave your job every day happy and fulfilled.