It’s a concept that we all strive for in our careers, our finances, and our lifestyles. Freedom and the constant pursuit of happiness ensure that we get up every morning, lace our shoes or boots, and get to work, coffee in hand, chasing our dream lifestyle for both ourselves and our loved ones.

In manufacturing, the sky’s the limit, especially when it comes to the modern manufacturing industry landscape. Through the power of technology, innovation, and machine learning, manufacturing has taken its place at the cutting edge of technological advancement, creating new, exciting opportunities daily.

In today’s blog, let’s examine the freedom that comes with a promising career in manufacturing, and how you can take your first steps on your journey to career and financial freedom today.

AMTEP: A Key To Career Freedom & Opportunity


With the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program (AMTEP), put forth by the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium, trainees receive over 415 hours of free hands-on technical machining training from industry experts and highly-qualified instructors. Trainees and students benefit from receiving an education that is purely focused on the skills necessary to achieve career freedom in a manufacturing position.

Trainees also have the option to take foundational training courses, as well as English-as-a-second-language courses to enhance their manufacturing knowledge and communication abilities before entering the workforce. These opportunities are abundant and offered to all who wish to take part.


With accessible locations throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts and neighboring towns and cities, AMTEP makes itself readily available to all who wish to pursue a career in manufacturing. Through flexible class schedules and high-quality training from the region’s top community colleges and vocational schools, trainees never find themselves asking “what next?”. The program is here for you when you need it most.


With various partnering organizations, educational institutions, and manufacturing companies and facilities, AMTEP allows its trainees to network and make connections that will help them find manufacturing jobs once they graduate from the program and head out into the workforce. Our dedicated educational partners are ready to provide any career guidance and even job placement, ensuring that, with the proper motivation, no AMTEP trainees go unnoticed within the job market.


On average, entry-level machining positions pay $18.50 per hour, directly after leaving the training program. And, the only way to go from there is up. Manufacturing employees earn substantially more within the first few years of employment, as you grow within the industry, creating an exciting opportunity for those currently unemployed or underemployed.

Alongside unlocking financial freedom, the manufacturing industry offers continued training and job growth, especially as the technology used in manufacturing facilities continues to develop and innovate. As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, industry 4.0 continues to shape and rethink the way that manufacturing technology, computers, and even robotics are used, requiring a trained professional to take control.

Find Your Freedom in Manufacturing

Financial and career freedom are the cornerstones of American society, constantly in pursuit of the American dream. At NAMC, we believe that a career in manufacturing can help you and your loved ones achieve that dream.

The manufacturing industry has been around for a long time, supporting other industries, our economy, and our nation as a whole. For generations, millions of mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters have found their career path in an industry that has thrived and surpassed all obstacles.

And best of all, manufacturing is just getting started. With new technology and techniques invested every single day, our industry is ripe for innovative and driven minds. Join today to take control of your freedom.