Over the last few months, our Manufacturing Spotlight series has highlighted professionals working in various roles throughout the manufacturing industry, and given readers a closer look at what careers in manufacturing really look like. The purpose of these conversations and articles is to give individuals who may be considering a career in manufacturing a realistic, no nonsense look at life in the industry. We’ve spoken with manufacturing professionals across the spectrum, from General Managers to Machine Operators, to gain unique insights and perspectives.

For the latest installment of our Manufacturing Spotlight series, we spoke to Isaac, a CNC Machine Operator at Straumann USA, and a graduate of the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program (AMTEP). Isaac has found success in manufacturing, but maybe even more importantly, he’s found a career path that he genuinely enjoys.

Let’s take a closer look at Isaac’s unique experiences and perspectives.


Isaac’s Career in Manufacturing

Today, Isaac finds himself working as a CNC Machine Operator at Straumann USA. Straumann is a global leader in the development of dental implant products and related dental tools, with headquarters in Andover, MA. The company is at the forefront of technological innovation within the dental industry, and employees like Isaac are vital to the development of essential products including dental implants, prosthetics, and so much more.

As a CNC machine operator, Isaac operates and produces parts by programming, setting up and operating a computer numerical control (CNC) machine. And while It’s certain he takes pride in his work, Isaac’s hard working, humble attitude is what shines through,

“It’s my job to keep the machine running and make good parts,” Isaac told us, “I’m really just trying to do a good job.”

It becomes clear when speaking with Isaac that his work ethic and his willingness to learn is part of the reason he’s been so successful in his role. In many manufacturing roles, the career trajectory of a new employee is up to how hard they want to work, and their willingness to always keep learning.

“You can always do more,” Isaac said, “New stuff always comes along for me to learn.”

Isaac’s Valuable Experience with AMTEP

The Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program focuses on providing manufacturing training, at no cost, to unemployed, underemployed and inexperienced career seekers in order to help those people move into fulfilling manufacturing careers. Isaac was a graduate of AMTEP, and says his experience in the program helped prepare him for success in the industry.

“AMTEP helped me learn many of the basics of what goes on throughout the day…that’s where I learned what manufacturing really is.”

The training program includes 300 hours of technical manufacturing training, hosted at vocational schools and conducted by advanced manufacturing educators. AMTEP also offers hands-on foundational training, and detailed tours of manufacturing facilities. According to Isaac, these experiences helped him get over a few misconceptions he may have held about working in manufacturing.

“I thought manufacturing was really tough,” Isaac told us, “it’s really not as difficult as I thought.”

Take Control of Your Career

As with almost any industry, a large part of finding success boils down to how hard you’re willing to work. This is especially true in manufacturing. But there are still ways to get a head start on career success. Sign up for AMTEP courses to learn the basics of CNC machining and a variety of other crucial skills that will make you a standout from day one at your next company.

Take control of your career with AMTEP, and, as Isaac said,

“Try your best, and pay attention. It goes a long way.”