When choosing a career pathway in the manufacturing industry, it’s important to know what career is best for you. However, to determine this, you need to know the differences between all of the available options. Today’s spotlight focuses on the assembly career path and why you might consider it your ideal career.

What is Assembly?

Assembly is the process of combining individual components into a finished product during manufacturing. An assembler is the person who puts these components together. Typically, they’re responsible for one specific component, which they assemble to the manufacturer’s specifications before passing it down the line to the next assembler.

Why are Assemblers Important?

Assemblers are important because without them, the products are just loose parts. They are the ones who put the product together so it can be used and enjoyed by clients. They also make the production process faster. An assembly line where each component is assembled by a dedicated person is more efficient than one person attempting to assemble the entire product from scratch. 

Basically, assemblers live by the sayings “do one thing and do it well” and “many hands make light work.” They are focused on making sure their specific task is done exactly right so that the next person in line can do their job so the product is made well and quickly.

What Do I Need to Become An Assembler?

For entry-level positions, becoming an assembler doesn’t take any advanced degrees. In fact, you can start on the assembler pathway with a high school diploma, GED, HiSet, and short-term training like we offer at AMTEP. This can earn you an annual wage of $40,040, all without needing to go to college. After that, as you gain experience you could find yourself promoted to Team Leader making up to $65,900 per year!

To be good at assembly, a key aspect is a willingness to learn and do your task well. The job can be repetitive, but it’s essential and good for people who get very focused on completing their tasks. If you’re a person who can spend hours focusing on a hobby, like crochet or model building, you could thrive as an assembler.

One of the most essential skills an assembler can bring to the table is a team player mindset. Your job is focused on doing your task quickly and efficiently so the next person can do their part. When you do your job well, they can do theirs well. So it’s up to you to ensure you stay on task and do things right the first time. Otherwise you could hold up the rest of the line and set back production. Attention to detail is also a good skill to have. You might be the one to notice something off about the pieces you’re assembling and bring attention to it before the final product can hit the market.

Assembly is a manufacturing career that isn’t for everyone, but if you have the focused mindset and team player instincts, it could be perfect for you. Learn more about the incredible apprenticeships and career opportunities offered in the manufacturing industry and you may find your future.