The manufacturing industry is one of the most important and prominent industries globally. This is especially true on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Not only does the industry provide important products across the nation, it also employs hundreds of thousands of middle-class working professionals.

As such, it is essential that we support an industry that has provided so much for our local communities, including the workforce and economics. From this need, the NAMC and MassHire have come together to create the Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program (AMTEP). 

Today, let’s take a deeper look at the training program. More specifically, let’s explore how the program can further support the growth, expansion, and innovation of the manufacturing industry within our region.

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What Is AMTEP?

The Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program offers no-cost training for individuals seeking a career change or beginning. Many of these individuals are currently unemployed or working within lackluster conditions when it comes to career growth or income.

AMTEP provides these individuals with the means to develop essential skills that can lead to long-term success in a stable manufacturing career path. This is an invaluable, accessible resource for many, especially those that do not wish to attend or can afford a college education.

AMTEP also encourages the freedom and flexibility that comes with a manufacturing career, especially when it comes to choosing your desired field. The program offers free hands-on skills training in various areas, such as:

  • CNC Machine Operation
  • Welding Training
  • Electronic Technician Training
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • Quality Control Inspection (Coming Soon)
  • Robotics (Coming Soon)

With so much training available in various focuses, AMTEP is also helping bust the myth that a manufacturing career is a tiresome, tedious, and boring one. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite–motivated individuals can find and learn about positions that peak their interests and passions. 

In addition, AMTEP training offers hours of hands-on training. This means that trainees have the opportunity to experience the actual “day in the life” of a manufacturing professional–perfect for visual learners and those “learn-by-doers.” Best of all, all of this is taught by experienced manufacturing professionals who act as instructors and career guides.

Since its inception, the program has helped many individuals jumpstart successful careers. To date, AMTEP is proud to support:

  • 750+ Graduates
  • 85% Employment Placement Rate
  • $19.25 Average Hourly Starting Wage
  • 250+ Apprenticeships Placed

why amtep?

How Did AMTEP Get Started?

As we briefly mentioned, the manufacturing industry has a significant legacy in the northeast, especially on the North Shore. Generations of manufacturers have worked as part of our professional community and supported their families in doing so.

Unfortunately, due to major misconceptions about the industry based on years of outdated information, the manufacturing industry has seen a plateau when it comes to incoming talent. 

However, as the last generation of manufacturers begins to retire, the industry is in need of fresh talent that can be tasked with wielding this generation’s innovative and groundbreaking technology.

Recognizing this need, the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium was formed in 2012. The organization represents a “partnership among 4 MassHire Workforce Boards, their affiliated Career Centers, companies, and several state governmental agencies, 5 Community Colleges, 12 Technical High Schools, over 200 Advanced Manufacturing companies in Northeast Massachusetts.”

On the North Shore of Massachusetts, the NAMC and The MassHire-North Shore Career Center have come together to put forth and support AMTEP, made possible by a grant from the GE Foundation.

How Does Free Training Support The Manufacturing Industry?

So far, we have talked a lot about the personal benefits of AMTEP, as the program certainly has many. But how does offering free training support the manufacturing industry on the North Shore?

As previously mentioned, the previous generation of manufacturing professionals has either retired or is approaching retirement. This leaves manufacturing companies with shoes to fill.

And as technology advances at an ever-increasing pace, these companies will need a new generation of workers, many of which are already predisposed to today’s technological advances.

By providing no-cost training, local manufacturing companies can benefit from receiving an incoming workforce that already has foundational hands-on training. In essence, graduated trainees are ready to get onto the floor and perform beyond standards right out of the gate.

In addition, when manufacturing trainees graduate from our program, they are often connected to companies through job placement programs. This greatly increases a company’s chances of hiring manufacturers whose interests align with and fill the needs of the company.

AMTEP graduates also leave our program with a greater sense of confidence and experience before they enter the workforce. It goes without saying that a confident, dedicated attitude can be a priceless asset to employers in any industry.

Building A Local Manufacturing Community

The program also strengthens the North Shore manufacturing community as a whole. Local companies, non-profit organizations, community colleges, and vocational schools have all come together to support and provide their expertise to AMTEP’s free training programs.

In addition, incoming, current, and graduating trainees all interact with one another within their programs and courses. This provides a great opportunity for industry networking, both with each other and with experienced manufacturing professionals.

All of this comes together to create an interconnected, tight-knit community of manufacturing professionals all seeking to grow and expand the industry, further propelling its economic impact on the North Shore.

How You Can Get Started

So, are you interested in jumpstarting a new career in manufacturing while also supporting and joining the local manufacturing community? Great!

Be sure to head over to our free manufacturing training page, right here on the NAMC website. Once there, you’ll find a brief yet informative overview of AMTEP’s free manufacturing training, including available training areas.

In addition, you will also find a chart listing out the various upcoming training programs; their location, training facility, enrollment period, start date, and class days. All you have to do is hit the red sign-up button and go from there!