When it comes to searching for a new job or career path, networking is essential.

Networking allows job seekers to expand their professional (and personal) connections in a genuine manner. These connections may lead to potential positional or career development opportunities one day.

how can amtep help you expand your professional networking

Why is networking important?

There are a number of reasons why networking is important, especially when it comes to finding a new career. While the top reason to many is the possibility of getting your foot in the door at a company, there are many qualities that go beyond job placements.

Networking builds your reputation

Networking helps build your reputation within your chosen industry (and even outside your industry). When you speak with genuine passion and excitement about a topic, that passion is infectious. 

Once you gain a reputation as a trustworthy, motivated, and hardworking individual, others will not have any reservations about recommending you for a new position. Think of networking as a web, the larger your web, the more reputation you have built–just make sure you build a good one!

Networking invests you within an industry

When you network within your industry, such as advanced manufacturing, you effectively widen your industry knowledge. Often you’ll find that others have unique perspectives and potentially technical expertise that you can leverage in your daily work routine.

Networking develops self-confidence

For many, there’s comfort in knowing that others have been in your shoes before (or currently are). When you network, you’re effectively taking in and learning from the experiences of others (and vice-versa).

In addition, networking is more than a tool in job searching–it can help you develop a sense of belonging and community. This can help you build confidence to tap into as you continue your job search or career switch.

How can AMTEP help you network?

Three men learning the machine

While you may not immediately think that a training program can help you network–you’d be mistaken. In actuality, training programs are a great source of networking possibilities.

This is especially true for AMTEP attendees who wish to grow their network of advanced manufacturing professionals across the North Shore of Massachusetts.

AMTEP attendees gain hundreds of hours of free hands-on manufacturing training in specific fields of interest, such as CNC Machining, Welding, and more. When students attend the program, they are constantly learning and interacting with fellow attendees, expert instructors, and real-world professional manufacturers, including employers.

These courses, hands-on sessions, and manufacturing facility visits provide many opportunities to ask questions and make genuine connections, leaving a lasting impression. And who knows, that great impression may come back to benefit you in the future.

In addition, the NAMC and the Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program have an excellent track record when it comes to job placement for program graduates. As of now, 85% of program attendees have been placed into positions at local manufacturing companies.

One last note: you never know who you are talking to

It’s a common phrase you hear in professional settings; “you never know who you are talking to.” And it’s common for a good reason.

Whether it’s with your course instructors, job placement personnel, or even your fellow students, you never know what the future holds for anyone. That AMTEP student next to you learning the ropes might eventually land in a high-ranking or hiring position one day.

But this does come with a caveat, never pick up a conversation or network with the goal of obtaining something from someone else. It’s not “what can you do for me,” it’s “what can I learn from you” and “what you can learn from me.” 

Form genuine professional relationships and you’ll see genuine results.