Training is a part of our everyday lives. To support our mind, body, and wallet, we all require day-in and day-out training. From careers to physical health to exciting hobbies, everyone, everywhere, starts at square one, the bottom of the ladder.

Local North Shore of Massachusetts Manufacturing partners have come together to form the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (NAMC), putting forth the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program (AMTEP) to push manufacturing training to the forefront of the industry and local economy.

What Is AMTEP?

AMTEP’s goal is to expand the manufacturing workforce and opportunities on the North Shore of Massachusetts through expert training at local educational institutions such as community colleges and technical schools. Made possible by a generous grant from the GE Foundation, AMTEP offers these training opportunities for free to all who wish to take advantage.

How Does AMTEP Work?

With 415 hours of technical machining training included, AMTEP allows trainees to dive headfirst into the manufacturing field, gathering as much information from trained professionals as they possibly can. This consists of the mentioned technical training, tours of real-life manufacturing facilities, optional foundation training, and English-as-second-language instruction, guaranteeing that our trainees enter the workforce armed with all the knowledge needed to ensure career success.

Why Is Training Important?


It’s a common theme across those who search for entry-level positions; experience, experience, and more experience is required. Seeing the typical 3-5 years of experience listed in every entry-level job description can be frustrating, deflating, and mentally taxing on job searchers.

By participating in the AMTEP program, you can enter the job hunt with the knowledge and experience necessary to “wow” your interviewers. Most of all, you can feel confident in your abilities, knowing that behind your eyes lies expert manufacturing education, putting you far ahead of the competition.


It’s not always exactly what you know, but who you know. Through your AMTEP journey, you’ll meet and visit real manufacturers, executives, and professionals, learning the trade from first-hand resources. You’ll also continuously be around fellow trainees, getting to know them and rising through the industry ranks alongside them. Who knows where these connections will lead you and offer a helping hand throughout your career.


Beginning your job hunt or manufacturing career with confidence is invaluable. AMTEP grants trainees and students the confidence they need to believe in themselves and that they can create a stable, financially peaceful life for themselves and their loved ones. Securely knowing and having confidence in these opportunities provides a healthy, clear mindset.


There’s no more incredible feeling than beginning a job and knowing exactly what needs to be done from the moment you start. Yes, there will always be a learning curve and on-the-job training, but you’ll be sure to start out familiar and confident in your abilities to perform. AMTEP trainees make themselves familiar with various manufacturing facilities, operations, and machining techniques before they even take on step onto the floor as a full-time employee!