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The NAMC Electromechanical Assembly training programs average 200 to 300 hours and are tailored to produce IPC-A-610/J-STD-00l certified assemblers, solderers, and inspectors for the electronics industry.

Students will learn how to use assembly hand tools, print reading, measuring, torquing, micrometers, oscilloscopes, wire harnesses and termination types crimping, pins, lugs, extractors, and connectors. Basic electrical theory and lab: conductance of current/electrons flow in an electric circuit, continuity, temperature measurements, decibels, and electrostatics.

These training programs include hands-on proper usage of mechanical assembly tools and processes, which keeps pace with the standards in the electromechanical industry. Students obtain basic knowledge about electronics, learn the electronics manufacturing process, learn safety in the workplace and obtain an OSHA 10-hour General Safety certification, study mechanical assembly, and are prepared to obtain their IPC 610 and IPC J-STD-001 certification. Graduates will be prepared for entry-level Electromechanical Assembly Technician positions in a variety of companies.

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Overview of an Electromechanical Assembler

An electromechanical assembler works to assemble electromechanical equipment or devices. Assemblers will operate, maintain, test, troubleshoot, and calibrate electronic equipment. Day-to-day responsibilities include reading blueprints, interpreting instructions, ordering parts if needed, assembling parts, inspecting parts for imperfections, soldering electronic components, verifying things are the correct dimensions, and testing for mechanical reliability.

As an electromechanical assembler, you will use your knowledge of engineering drawings to create and assemble parts. Tools used include drill presses, portable power drills, wire strippers, crimpers, torque wrenches, and more.

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Skills and Competencies of a Electromechanical Assembler

Electromechanical assemblers have to possess the following qualifications and skills:

  • High school Diploma or GED
  • Related work experience
  • Ability to read blueprints
  • Strong mechanical aptitude¬†
  • Experience with working with large machinery
  • Familiarity with standard power and hand tools

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