If you’re looking to get into the manufacturing industry, you’ll find that hands-on experience is the best kind of experience for landing a job. It’s what a lot of employers are looking for in candidates. But couldn’t you just read some training manuals and instructions to learn how to do the job? Why is the hands-on experience of AMTEP’s training programs so invaluable?

Hands-On Introduces You to the Industry

When you join the manufacturing industry, you’re unlikely to be sitting at a computer all day. You’ll be in the thick of things, surrounded by machines and fellow workers putting stuff together, inspecting products, and handling tools. This can be a lot to take in and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially with the added pressure of trying to look good for your new employer.

Hands-on experience with the machines, tools, and products in a training program is a great introduction to the setting without getting overwhelmed. You’re surrounded by fellow trainees rather than worrying about trying to impress your colleagues. It eases you into it and can help you feel more comfortable and confident. This will improve your early job performance and show your bosses that you’re capable and qualified.

Hands-On Experience Prevents Accidents

In a survey conducted in January 2023, nearly one-third of over 20,000 people surveyed said they felt “somewhat” to “very confident” that they could land a passenger plane in an emergency situation with no prior experience. However, it’s unlikely that they actually could, as becoming a pilot takes years of training. But people assume that because they’ve seen something on TV, or read about it, they can actually do it. This causes more harm than good.

While CNC machines and other manufacturing equipment aren’t quite as complex as a plane, someone without proper training could seriously injure themselves or others if they don’t know what they’re doing. Getting hands-on training from experienced instructors is a much safer way to learn than simply reading a manual.

Man sawing metal in manufacturing factory.

Sets You Apart from Other Job Candidates

Employers want job candidates who already have hands-on experience because it speeds up the training process. This means that production achieves peak efficiency sooner than if they had to train someone from the very beginning. A reputable training program like those offered by AMTEP, which are vetted by Northeast manufacturers to ensure that the skills trainees learn are applicable to the workplace, is perfect for getting hands-on experience. Furthermore, this will instantly make you more appealing to employers than someone who only knows the theoretical aspects of manufacturing.

Anyone looking to join the manufacturing industry and start an exciting new career would do well to sign up for training programs offered by AMTEP. With flexible schedules and at no cost to you, these programs are the perfect way to get hands-on experience before you even write up a resume.  Sign up today and start your exciting and fulfilling career in manufacturing!