When you’re looking to start a new career, an important thing to consider is how easy it is to get a job. Sure, free training is great, but is it worth it if you can’t get a job afterward? Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that, as our training programs are designed to fulfill the needs of the manufacturing industry to get you employment placement right away.

Working with Manufacturing Employers

Manufacturing in Massachusetts is big business, and with an expected labor shortage looming in the future, this industry has a high demand for trained workers. That’s why they teamed up with the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (NAMC) to help fund the AMTEP program. 

It’s a symbiotic relationship that benefits all parties. NAMC responds to the needs and demands of the advanced manufacturers in Northeast Massachusetts. The manufacturers vet and fund the training so they get immediate access to a qualified labor force, meaning you benefit from no-cost-to-you training and can get a job right after the program.

Jobs After AMTEP

Many who graduate from the AMTEP program get jobs right away, as MassHire and other organizations keep a close eye on the talent of the trainees. AMTEP instructors have said they’ve “seen a 6% growth in manufacturing jobs since 2020, and there are a lot more options for people looking to get into the industry.”

Graduates have gone on to become machinists, work on new technologies like hypersonics, robotics, cleanrooms, and more. Instructors have reported their students going from minimum wage jobs to making $25 an hour with full benefits working on airplane equipment after completing the training.

Networking Opportunities

Even if you don’t get a job offer straight away, taking the AMTEP courses has major job benefits. That’s because, on top of giving you tons of hands-on experience and hireable skills, it’s also a great networking opportunity. You’ll make friends with fellow graduates and alumni who can tell you about new openings at the companies they’ve worked for. 

Instructors also often have great connections with manufacturers and can help you find an employer that suits your needs and new skill set. They can also offer some mentorship by applying your skills to your resume, and often love to hear back from alumni on how they’re doing long after they’re out of the classroom.

Teaching Opportunities

Perhaps, as you finish the course, the gears in your head start turning and you realize that you might not wish to fully join the manufacturing industry and instead have a passion for teaching. Or, after a few years working a particular job, you’re interested in offering others the same opportunities you got from NAMC. Many graduates decide to become AMTEP instructors themselves.

When you sign up for the AMTEP program, you’ll find yourself on the right track to start a new career. Unlike with college, you’ll have more opportunities for employment post-graduation. Come start your new career with the manufacturing industry with NAMC.