If you’re considering a career change or making a career decision as a young adult, it’s a smart idea to weigh the benefits of the education at a trade school as well as the manufacturing training programs (some of them free) in Massachusetts. 

Trade schools and manufacturing training programs have many similarities in that they allow students to get hands-on training while working alongside mentors who are professionals in their field. 

Let’s explore some other benefits and then take a closer look at the AMTEP training programs. 

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Access to High-Demand Career

In one of our last blogs, we discussed the skilled labor shortage in Massachusetts. That gap in the number of people who have been trained in technical and manufacturing jobs is shrinking. 

By gaining a trade school or manufacturing training education, you will be gaining access to a high-demand field. These jobs demand specific training and skillsets, which puts skilled trades in high demand.  

Often students who take part in these training programs have job offers before they even leave the training program or trade school. 

Real-World Experience

The experience of learning in a classroom is great, but there is no substitute for the real-world experience you will gain with a hands-on training program. Most trade schools and all training programs require hands-on experience that will be used in everyday tasks in that given career. 

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Save Time & Money 

With inflation at record levels, we are all aware of the cost of everyday items in our homes. Imagine adding a biannual tuition bill to that for students heading to a two or four-year university or college!

Trade schools and training programs are at a huge cost advantage when comparing the two learning experiences. Add to this that many training programs offer financial aid or assistance to students who need help. 

As for saving time, most training programs are measured in weeks versus the years that higher education is normally measured in. Many vocational schools offer certificate programs that you can complete in less than a year!

Placement Rates 

Most trade schools and training programs have placement rates readily available even before you enter the program. This means that before committing to a school or program, you will be able to know what your odds are for finding a job when you graduate.

How AMTEP Fits In 

The Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program (AMTEP) can provide support for job seekers and manufacturing employers on the North Shore of Massachusetts by creating a win-win solution for the entire industry.

Better yet, AMTEP trainees receive hundreds of hours of free hands-on advanced manufacturing training in various fields, significantly increasing their skills and industry knowledge. This provides graduates with a confident jumpstart when entering the job market and, eventually, the workforce.