Manufacturing is a broad and multifaceted industry. Although there are many roles that fall within the umbrella of manufacturing, the benefits of pursuing a career in the industry are plain and simple. Keep reading to find out why so many people have found immense satisfaction and fulfillment with a career in manufacturing. 

High Wages 

One of the most important factors people look for in a good job is the paid wage. Rightfully so, as your paycheck determines the quality of life you will lead. Many people who consider themselves to be low-skilled or under-experienced think that their only option for income is a minimum wage job. This isn’t the case, however, as programs such as AMTEP can provide effective training at little to no cost to unemployed, underemployed, and inexperienced career seekers. Manufacturing requires skilled workers, but expanding your skill set doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars and years of dedication to get a degree. 

Manufacturing workers, on average, earned an hourly wage of  $30.86 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Manufacturing as an industry requires skilled workers, people are not replaceable and those who work in the industry are adequately compensated for their hard work and dedication to the craft. 

Good Benefits 

In 2020, 95% of manufacturing workers were eligible for health insurance benefits. Health insurance is not offered at many minimum wage and service worker jobs. When you dedicate your time and passion to pursuing a career in manufacturing, you will be a valued asset to an ever evolving industry leading America into the future. 

Hands On 

Desk jobs and 8 hour days spent on the computer aren’t for everyone. If you are someone who enjoys working with their hands, testing your creative boundaries, and expanding your skill set, manufacturing may be the industry for you. You are in control of the path you decide to pursue and are able to customize to your certain skill set. If you feel as though your skills as a worker are going un-utilized, contact AMTEP today to discuss potential training opportunities. 

Abundant Opportunity 

One of the most important aspects of a potential new job is the room for growth within the industry. There is no point to tirelessly working the same job for years and years, in a productive and satisfying work environment there will be room for growth. This is important both professionally and personally, you want to know that your position in a company or industry is dynamic and will be just as rewarding to you as you are to it. With manufacturing, there is abundant opportunity for advancement and change. With positions in areas such as machine operation, welding, mechanical assembly, robotics, and many others, there is a wide range of choice for the type of work you can do. 

No matter what area of manufacturing you choose to go into, the benefits that go along with the industry remain consistent. If you dedicate your time to manufacturing, you will be going into a field that ensures a livable wage, employee benefits, work that builds your skill set and holds room for opportunity and growth. Contact AMTEP today to get started.