If you’re looking to get into the manufacturing industry, you’re in luck! There are so many career paths and opportunities available, and AMTEP offers training programs at no cost to you. These programs will give you the technical skills and experience to get started. However, to start your career, you must first choose which training program will suit you best.

CNC Machine Operator

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machines are automated machines operated by computers. However, they still need humans to program, guide, and maintain them. When you sign up for the CNC Machine Operator training program, you’ll learn how to operate manual and CNC Mills and Lathes, read blueprints, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GDT), get an introduction to G-Code, and obtain a NIMS (National Institute for Metal Working Skills) CNC Milling and Lathe certification.

Electro Technician

A vital part of the modern manufacturing industry, an Electro Technician operates, tests, and maintains electromechanical or robotic equipment. During training, you’ll learn various theories and participate in hands-on labs to gain technical skills. This includes DC Theory, AC Theory, J-STD-001 Soldering, and certifications from the Electronics Technician Association (ETA).


Without welders, not only would the manufacturing industry fall apart, but so would the majority of the world. That’s why we set up a curriculum that covers the many different types of welding. This includes oxygen acetylene welding and oxygen fuel cutting, shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding and gas metal arc welding, and more. You’ll also learn metal fabrication and how to read blueprints.

All of the courses within the curriculum meet American Welding Society (AWS) Guidelines and result in AWS Certification and an OSHA 10 General Industry Card.

a person wearing an auto darkening welding helmet

Electro Mechanical Assembly

Electro mechanical assembly is a broad term, but it refers to any assemblies consisting of electrical and mechanical components. Basically, you’ll be building the often delicate and important sensors, panels, transformers, and more for electronic equipment.

In the training program, you will learn how to use assembly hand tools, print reading, measuring, torqueing, micrometers, oscilloscopes, wire harnesses and termination types crimping, pins, lugs, extractors, and connectors. The courses also cover basic electrical theory and lab, which will teach you about conductance of current/electrons flow in an electric circuit, continuity, temperature measurements, decibels, and electrostatics. 

Quality Control Inspector

If you have an eye for detail, strong problem-solving and communication skills, and love to make things better and safer, quality control is the career path for you. You’ll be able to ensure that the products that come off the assembly line are up to the company’s standards and meet consumer demand, which is essential to running a good business.

Come learn metrology concepts, quality management systems, compliance, data analysis, problem solving, continuous improvement, and lean manufacturing. When you successfully complete the program, you’ll be able to sit for an American Society for Quality (ASQ) certification exam. The level of exam you end up taking will depend on your individual education and experience, but with this exam under your belt you’ll be able to go far.


The most high-tech sounding curriculum, the robotics program introduces the concepts and technology used in modern manufacturing environments. Specifically, you’ll learn the concepts and skills relevant to setup, programming, running and troubleshooting automated equipment and industrial robots, which is critical to the future of the manufacturing industry. The course even includes Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) programs so you can learn how to operate an in-class robot. The robotics program includes online modules as well as hands-on activities using training equipment, so it’s great for those who thrive in a hybrid learning environment.

Ready to start your new career? Sign up today for the training program that will set you up for success!