Part of our Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program (AMTEP) involves a customized professional apprenticeship opportunity. Keep reading to find out more about what the apprenticeship process looks like and how it will benefit your skills and career in manufacturing. 

Flexible and Customizable 

Our apprenticeships are designed to serve your immediate needs as a skilled worker. Your registered apprenticeships will be completely customizable and flexible to you. With AMTEP, you will develop a training program that outlines the types and lengths of training delivered on-the-job, alongside your specialized related instruction. 

Skill Focused 

At AMTEP we design our training with the employer in mind. We know the importance of honing and cultivating your skills when training to be an industry such as manufacturing. Taking the time to invest in yourself as a student is not easy and we want to make sure that you are getting the best results out of our training programs and apprenticeships. For this reason, we have designed our apprenticeships to be tailored to the skillset and professional environment you hope to grow experience in. 

Why are Apprenticeships Important? 

Apprenticeships, not to be confused with internships, are paid temporary positions that hold the opportunity for future employment. Apprenticeships allow individuals, still in training, to test their skills and knowledge in a real world professional environment.

While learning in a classroom via an instructor is an incredibly effective way of educating, there is a certain level of expertise and ‘know-how’ that comes with actually working in the real-world environment. Thinking processes, attitude, time management, and other factors significantly impact a person’s work, but are nearly impossible to replicate in the classroom. 

By participating in an apprenticeship, you gain not only real professional experience, but also a foot in the door for potential future employment. When you show up with a good attitude, ready to learn and further yourself as a professional in the manufacturing industry, you will be met with encouragement and opportunity. 

Sign Up With AMTEP Today 

If you are stuck in a dead-end job, feeling undervalued and as though your skill seat potential is not being utilized, consider signing up with AMTEP and getting the training you deserve as a skilled worker. For little to no cost, you can gain an education from seasoned professionals, develop your potential as an employee, and have the opportunity to thrive in a professional environment. 

Our free-training and apprenticeships cover a wide variety of career opportunities, from machine operation to robotics, there is an area of study for every interest. Additionally, our training is purposefully curated to be customizable, allowing for your busy schedule and unique points of interest. 

If you need a change in careers but are intimidated by the prospect of college, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Programs such as AMTEP are designed for hard-working people who are willing to put in the work and make a change in their life and professional trajectory. Contact AMTEP today to sign up for training and begin your journey towards a more rewarding career.