One big hesitation people experience when transitioning to a new career is a fear of not knowing enough. Especially when in such a specialized area like the manufacturing industry, it can seem impossible to get past the inexperience and figure out how to schedule the training you might need.

With the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program (AMTEP) and our free training, we’re here to give you the confidence to fly right over any hurdles you might have been expecting.

Below we’ve compiled a few quotes from our success spotlights. Many of the people who arrived at AMTEP started in completely different industries. Some were unsure they would even like it, but they arrived at training and left with a deep admiration for the manufacturing industry and a love for their job. Not only because of the success and growth they’ve found, but also because they’re making a difference. 


We had the pleasure of interviewing one of AMTEP’s many success stories and learned how Amanda LeBlanc became a CNC Machine Operator with the skills she gained as an AMTEP graduate. Here’s a snippet from our interview:

Much of Amanda’s success in the industry can be attributed to her work ethic and her willingness to learn new things. Interestingly enough, though, a career in manufacturing wasn’t initially her plan.

“I was a hairdresser before this, but I decided I wanted to improve myself and that I needed better job security and pay.”


We also spotlighted another success, Mitch Sullivan who became a Manual Machinist. Mitch had experience in the automotive industry, but felt stagnant in that career. There wasn’t enough growth and possibility unless he started his own shop. Instead, he attended training from AMTEP. 

“It gives me the opportunity to see how things are made from the ground floor,” Mitch said. “When you get to work with blueprints and engineers, you see what the application is from a baseline structure standpoint, and what it takes to take bare metal and turn it into a piece of equipment for an airplane.”


Another spotlight we wanted to highlight is Issac who also became a CNC Machine Operator

“AMTEP helped me learn many of the basics of what goes on throughout the day…that’s where I learned what manufacturing really is.”

“I thought manufacturing was really tough,” Isaac told us, “it’s really not as difficult as I thought.”


These are just some of our graduates who have succeeded since the program. Many industries are in high demand for new workers who would love to learn and grow, and the manufacturing industry is one of them

As Amanda mentioned, there is a lot of value to be had in finding a job where you feel secure and able to grow. You could be like Mitch, and see a piece of metal transform into a part for an airplane. 

Like Issac, you might be thinking that manufacturing is really tough, something you can’t do without experience. But we’re here to tell you that you can and it’s up to you to take the leap to free training and into a new career.