When you’re looking for manufacturing training, the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (NAMC) is your best way to get the training and first-hand experience needed to truly thrive in the industry. However, it’s a collaborative effort. We couldn’t bring free training courses like AMTEP to eager students without the help of our amazing manufacturing partners. 

In 2012 NAMC started as an initiative among four workforce investment board directors to form a partnership among industry, academia, and workforce development established to promote sustained support for manufacturing within the Northeast of Massachusetts. Today, we have a reputation for being the go-to resource for training job seekers looking to start a career in the manufacturing industry.

Educational Partners

The training we provide is only possible thanks to the collaborative efforts of our educational partners. Our partners are made up of community college, career and technical high schools, independent training schools, and community based programming. Training cycles are conducted throughout the region thanks to educational partners like Bunker Hill Community College, Greater Lawrence Technical School, LARE Institute, North Shore Community College, and many more.

AMTEP's educational partnersManufacturing Partners

Of course, as we’re focused on making sure the needs of the manufacturing industry are met, we work closely with our manufacturing partners. Northeast manufacturers are world-class companies that are an essential part of the state’s innovation economy. Our manufacturing partners are companies who are committed to improving the region’s advanced manufacturing pipeline.

Manufacturing partners that we work with and provide trained employees for include Accumet Engineering, Inc., Boston Tooling and Machining Association, Magellan Aerospace Corporation, and United Electric Controls. We also collaborate and provide services and support to all MassHire regions within Massachusetts. 

AMTEP's Manufacturing Partners

Workforce Development

Workforce development is where the partnership between educators, manufacturing companies, and NAMC come together to create our training programs. The objective is to create economic prosperity for individuals, businesses, and communities. Together, we work to develop strategies, funding, and resources to provide manufacturing employers with a skilled workforce while creating a sustainable living for these workers. 

To put it simply, workforce development trains individuals to be more productive and prosperous in the workplace. This benefits both the employer and the worker. Manufacturing companies get an already-trained workforce while the trainees with some firsthand experience in the industry. Meanwhile, the workers get free training from manufacturing experts as well as abundant employment opportunities. 

Manufacturing has a legacy in the Northeast of Massachusetts, and it’s still a thriving industry today. We have brought together a coalition of private and public entities to leverage funding and develop programming to meet our goals. NAMC also supports youth outreach to create interest in manufacturing careers and the development of training programming.

Sign up today for one of our free manufacturing program training courses and start your career with the help of NAMC and our partners.