Are you looking for a new job opportunity? Maybe you’re burnt out from the office grind and wish to change your career trajectory. Or maybe you’re fresh out of school and feel more comfortable working with your hands than pushing paper. You might consider taking a job in the manufacturing industry, then.

But perhaps you’re worried you lack the training and experience to work in manufacturing and don’t know how to get it. Or maybe you’ve been told your whole life that the industry is only for the unskilled. This is where AMTEP comes in. We provide training for job seekers and potential employees for manufacturing companies on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Who We Are

You might be wondering; what is AMTEP and how can we help you find the career you seek? Well, AMTEP is the Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program. As the name implies, we’re a training program set up through the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium, various community colleges, and vocational schools. We’re designed to help both job seekers and employers in the manufacturing industry find each other.

Why Choose Manufacturing?

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about the manufacturing industry, which sadly leads to it being an industry only suitable for the unskilled. This could not be further from the truth, and in fact, manufacturing is the foundation of our everyday lives

Manufacturing is involved in just about every part of our lives, from the car we drive to the computer or phone you’re reading this on. It builds the farming equipment that harvests the food you eat and the building you live in. It is a vast, essential industry, and as many of the experienced workers prepare to retire, a new generation needs to step in and take their place.

It’s also more lucrative than you might assume. Depending on the field and pathway you choose, entry-level positions in manufacturing pay an average of $18 per hour. Within the first few years of employment, you could be earning up to $35 per hour!

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How AMTEP Helps

We are the ones who are opening the door for you to enter the exciting world of manufacturing. We start by offering a wide range of no-cost training programs for multiple manufacturing fields to unemployed, underemployed, and inexperienced job seekers. These courses include fields like welding, robotics, quality control, and more.

You’ll get 300 hours of technical manufacturing training hosted at vocational schools and taught by instructors experienced in the field. This isn’t just sitting in a classroom, either – you’ll get hands-on, practical training and even detailed tours of manufacturing facilities. On top of that, there are Registered Apprenticeship Programs and job fairs with local industries and employers from the North Shore.

With AMTEP’s help, you could find that exciting, fulfilling career at no cost to you. Sign up for one of our training programs today and get started on your new path. Together, we can pave your way towards a fulfilling, successful career.