When it comes to starting a new career, sometimes the only thing holding individuals back is the hustle and bustle of their daily schedules.

Unemployed, underemployed, or high school graduates often face an overwhelming amount of adversity when it comes to starting a new career. 

The amount of time required to perfect your application materials, such as a resume and cover letter, and apply to the literally thousands of jobs online can be overwhelming. And this isn’t even counting the additional hours spent brushing up job boards or LinkedIn profiles. 

It’s safe to say that job hunting is stressful at best.

Looking for a new career is made even more challenging when you factor in the experience necessary to qualify for many “entry-level” positions. While there are many avenues for gaining experiences, such as training programs or internships, this often requires a time commitment that many simply do not have to spare.

So, what’s the solution?

How Does AMTEP Make Manufacturing Training Accessible?

Welcome to the Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program (AMTEP)

The Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program (AMTEP) was started by the Northeast Manufacturing Training Consortium (NAMC) in conjunction with MassHire North Shore to provide free advanced manufacturing training programs for career seekers.

In this, AMTEP can provide support for job seekers and manufacturing employers on the North Shore of Massachusetts by creating a win-win solution for the entire industry.

One of the best parts about the training program is how accessible it is for those seeking a new career but may not have a lot of experience or time to spare. AMTEP is designed with these individuals in mind, ensuring that their dedication and motivation aren’t impeded by a lack of time or resources.

How does AMTEP make manufacturing training accessible?

men training

Well, there are a few, carefully designed, ways that MassHire North Shore and the NAMC have made training accessible for those on the North Shore of Massachusetts. 

Let’s explore just a few.

Free Training

It almost goes without saying that offering free, no cost training breaks down many barriers for many job seekers in our local community. 

And as we have mentioned above, offering free training provides a mutually beneficial solution for both job seekers and North Shore manufacturing companies.

AMTEP trainees receive hundreds of hours of hands-on advanced manufacturing training in various fields, significantly increasing their skills and industry knowledge. This provides graduates a confident jumpstart when entering the job market and, eventually, the workforce.

For the North Shore manufacturing industry, employers receive access to a hiring pool of trained, motivated, and confident employees who are ready to hit the ground running. AMTEP allows employers to put trained, hard-working manufacturing professionals on the floor and are able to fill job gaps effectively.

A Variety of Job Areas

In AMTEP, trainees can choose various programs for job-specific training within the advanced manufacturing industry, meeting the employment needs of local North Shore employers. These programs include technical positions, such as:

  • CNC Machine Operators
  • Welders
  • Electronic Technicians
  • Electro Mechanical Assemblers
  • Quality Control Inspectors (Coming Soon)
  • Robotics Professionals (Coming Soon)

By offering training in various fields and expertise, the program can help trainees find jobs best suited to their skills and interests. Not only does this make pursuing a manufacturing career a successful endeavor, but a fun one at that.

And if the trainee no longer wishes to pursue a manufacturing career after training, they have still gained an enormous amount of technical knowledge and skills that can be used in other career paths. The only cost is time.

Training At Local Educational Facilities

AMTEP training is heavily tailored towards North Shore locals. As such, we have partnered with local community colleges, technical schools, and facilities to provide accessible training locations. These locations include, but are not limited to:

  • North Shore Community College
  • Gloucester High School
  • Peabody Veterans Memorial High School
  • Essex North Shore Agricultural School

In addition, there are many locations just outside the North Shore area, such as Northern Essex Community College, Greater Lawrence Technical School, and more that also host NAMC training courses.

No one should have to travel miles to receive a quality education. With AMTEP, free manufacturing training is right in your backyard.

Schedule Options

Alongside location options, many AMTEP courses are designed to align with trainees’ current lifestyles. 

Often, trainees are busy taking care of family members or working their current jobs that they can’t afford to leave at the moment. Many of the programs offered as part of AMTEP take place weekday evenings, weekends, and over the summer.

We can help our trainees find the perfect course and time that fits best within their current schedules.

Virtual Training

The Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program also offers select virtual training courses throughout the year, such as an upcoming Math Foundations & Study Skills course this August.

Virtually training provides an even greater level of accessibility for those wishing to expand their skills and knowledge. By allowing trainees to attend courses from the comfort of their own homes, we can even further create a flexible learning schedule for them to succeed.

How can you join AMTEP?

man welding

If advanced manufacturing training sounds like the best way to jumpstart your next career, be sure to head over to our free training program page.

On this page, you can browse the various job types and upcoming training courses and programs. You can also view the course location, educational facility, start date, enrollment status, class schedule, and the course length in weeks.

We offer this level of transparency to allow interested individuals to pick and choose the course that best fits their schedule. This also allows future trainees to make arrangements, such as babysitters, part-time job scheduling, and family care, on class dates.

From there, all you have to do is the “sign up” button! And follow the prompts to get started!