It’s no secret that changing career paths can be tough and often overwhelming. These fears and anxieties can cause individuals to put off job searching, even if they simply aren’t happy in their current position. Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, or just performing daily duties that don’t drive you towards success, it’s important that you put what you care about and your happiness first.

In today’s article, let’s get motivational as we go over topics regarding job searching, job satisfaction, and why you should consider a career in the diverse field of manufacturing.

On The Hunt: Job Searching & Career Changes


Are you thinking about entering the job market? Or, have you been forced to due to pandemic layoffs or termination for other reasons? This can be a very difficult time in an individual’s life, so be sure to take some time for soul-searching, becoming aware of your top job hunt priorities, including your own personal wants and needs.

However, while it’s time-tested, the ways of resume/cover letter submissions aren’t always the best way to launch into your job search. While we certainly aren’t advocating that you stop applying via online applications, it can certainly cause distress to work hours on your material and to hear nothing back.

It may be in your best interests to consider seeking out quality professional development courses, educational programs, or hands-on job training services to help guide your career search. These programs, such as the Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program, or AMTEP, often provide beyond entry-level experience and know-how, while connecting you to businesses and job opportunities throughout your local industry.


Are you thinking about a career change? Or, are you beginning to question the longevity of the industry or company that you are currently employed by? Thinking about and getting ahead of these questions is a great, albeit difficult, way to get ahead of the curve, especially when pursuing career-long success.

The Muse recommends that “if most of (or all) of your experience is in an industry that’s been hard-hit by the pandemic… you might want to consider looking for a job in a new space where many of your skills would translate.” In addition to that sound advice, you’ll also want to consider industries that are “entry-level-friendly,” providing hands-on training upfront.

Perhaps most importantly, especially in manufacturing, you’ll want to show that you’re driven, and motivated to start a new career path.

Neepa Parikh, Career Services Manager at Springboard, suggests showing “that you’re humble and hungry. In many cases, hiring managers would rather hire applicants who are eager to enter their field, who’ve done their research, and talked to people about the industry, so long as they have basic skills and can be trained.” Showing a genuine interest and passion for your targeted career can greatly work to your advantage when job hunting or career switching.

Restructure Passion Into Purpose

Chasing your passions is one of the most sought after goals when it comes to job searching or career changes. Sometimes, it can feel like seeking job satisfaction is a pipe dream. However, there are various logical and mental health-related reasons why you shouldn’t settle for less and start your pursuit of job satisfaction today, not tomorrow.

However, what if we told you that job purpose and hard work creates passion, not the other way around? According to the Harvard Business Review’s  “3 Reasons It’s So Hard To Follow Your Passion,” research suggests that “(1) passion is not something one finds, but rather, it is something to be developed; (2) it is challenging to pursue your passion, especially as it wanes over time; and (3) passion can also lead us astray, and it is therefore important to recognize its limits.”

Now, this isn’t in any way advocating that you settle for a soul-crushing day job. Instead, maybe restructuring your search for passion into a search for purpose. Business Insider argues that hard work in fact makes us more passionate. From these studies, we can find that discovering a career that we care about and allows us to take care of daily responsibilities creates happiness and job satisfaction, creating passion. So, whether considering a career switch or searching for jobs, try to aim for an industry that provides purpose.

The Next Chapter: AMTEP & Manufacturing Careers

As mentioned earlier, finding a quality training program is one of the best ways to start a new career path. And, wouldn’t you know it – we here at the NAMC offer just that type of training program!

The Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program features over 415 hours of hands-on machine and manufacturing training. These training courses are offered at easily accessible locations, such as educational institutions, vocational schools, and community colleges throughout the North Shore, Massachusetts area.

Not only does AMTEP put forth expert training, providing you with a tremendous advantage in finding the right manufacturing position, it also connects you with other like-minded individuals and experienced manufacturing professionals. As anyone with job search experience will tell you, much of the job hunt is who you know as well as what you know.

AMPTEP also offers trainees optional foundational training as well as English as a second language courses, rounding out your manufacturing education and setting you up for career success. With industry job fairs and access to our local career center, you’ll be sure to find your purpose within manufacturing, making the career switch today to create a better tomorrow for yourself and your loved ones.