If you envision a manufacturing career with hours of tedious, repetitive work, doing the same thing day-in and day-out, well, you would be mistaken. A career in modern manufacturing is anything but monotonous. With the number of technological advancements and innovations growing rapidly each and every day, there are many qualities that a manufacturer needs to possess to ensure that they perform their duties up to, and beyond, standards.

Today, let’s cover the 4 essential qualities that every manufacturing worker needs to possess and hone throughout their career. At the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium, we believe that these qualities help guide workers towards individual career success, thus prompting overall manufacturing industry success within the region.

Dedicated Manufacturing Training

Heading into the manufacturing field with prior knowledge, training, and experience can give you an enormous advantage right out of the gate. Now, this isn’t the typical “Entry-Level 3-5 Years of Experience” type of requirement or gatekeeping strategy. There are many training programs available in the region that provide incredible and flexible learning opportunities so that you can start your career with confidence.


And, of course, one of these programs is the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program offered right here by the NAMC. AMTEP features over 415 hours of free technical training across North Shore, Massachusetts educational institutions in pursuit of a young, educated, and motivated incoming workforce. The program also features job placement specialists, networking events, job fairs, and in-person tours of manufacturing facilities.

A Hunger For Career Success

If you find yourself unemployed or underemployed, it can be hard to muster up the energy to better your lifestyle. Long stretches of unemployment can result in unfortunate complacency. A career in manufacturing creates and motivates a hunger for success. If you find yourself feeling down-on-your-luck employment-wise, it may just be time for a career change. Find that hunger to excel within your career, and you’ll be sure to unlock an unmatched enthusiasm for success within the industry.

Adaptability To Innovation

The times sure have changed for manufacturing, especially when it comes to technology and day-to-day operational innovation. Every day, brand new innovative technology is introduced into the daily workforce. If the endless possibilities to adapt, tweak, and better know the industry manufactures products excites you, you may find an incredible opportunity within this career. Today’s modern manufacturing workers need to adapt to the times almost on-the-fly, wielding remarkable technological capabilities.

Old-School Grit And Determination

We talk a lot on this blog about how the manufacturing industry is seeking new blood to fill the ranks left behind by an aging and retiring workforce. And, while the incoming generation of manufacturing workers are the lifeblood of this new industrial age, we believe that modern manufacturers should follow the prior generation’s “old-school” grit and determination. The motivation to wake-up every weekday morning, lace up your boots, and head out for an honest day’s work can never be replicated nor replaced.