Joining a manufacturing training program provides trainees with many opportunities to learn, grow, and develop their skills for the trade. At the start, it can all feel a bit overwhelming. While our courses are designed to be accessible, it can take some time to get acclimated.

So today, let’s review a few easy tips that you can use to help get the most of your free manufacturing training program – no matter your area of focus.

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1. Keep An Open Mind

Let’s start with a basic trait that you should probably use in many facets of your life: keeping an open mind. Taking part in a manufacturing training program means that a lot of new information is going to be thrown at you. Be sure to “empty your cup” as they say and be willing to learn new information and techniques. 

This might challenge your previous beliefs and ways of thinking or doing things. That’s okay. With technological advances happening every second, there’s no telling what new technique or best practice will serve you best now or in the future. By keeping an open mind, you can ensure that you are receiving new information without pre-conceived biases.

2. Practice Active Listening

Active listening is a skill. And it’s a skill that you will absolutely need to develop and engage in when learning new skills, especially during training sessions. Active listening is when you make a conscious effort to hear, interpret, and engage in a one-on-one or group conversation or lecture. While it may seem simple, it’s not always easy to give something or someone your undivided attention.

In fact, about 45% of communication is listening! And on the manufacturing floor, communication is key to success and safety. So get started early and practice active listening in the classroom and during training.

3. Ask Questions

Do you have questions? Don’t be shy! Ask away! The value of these free training sessions is that they provide the information you need to succeed. If anything is unclear or prompts further questions, be sure to get that hand up or speak with your instructor one-on-one. In most cases, a question that you have is most likely a question that others have as well – so speak up! It’s essential not to let shyness get in the way of your education. 

4. Challenge Your Comfort Zone

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Asking many questions might be outside your comfort zone. That’s okay! But you will need to challenge yourself and go beyond your current comfort levels to succeed. It’s not easy, but once you do, you will realize the freedom and opportunities all around you. This will also help build confidence. You’ll never fly if you don’t leave the nest!

5. Be Patient

Perhaps one of the most important tips: be patient. There’s a lot of information to digest when it comes to developing manufacturing skills. While accessible, these skills aren’t developed easily. It takes hours of repetition and practice to gain the experience, knowledge, and confidence to get started in manufacturing – which is exactly why we provide hundreds of hands-on training hours. Once you do, you will have a fantastic understanding of the career and the many fields within. So be patient and take everything as it comes.