There’s no denying that training is an essential piece of starting a new career with confidence. Whether on-the-job onboarding training or taking pre-training courses in your spare time, good training can make a tremendous difference in your career prospects.

What if we told you that you could merge both on-the-job and pre-training courses? The Advanced Manufacturing Training and Expansion Program (AMTEP) allows trainees to do just that. Our program offers hands-on manufacturing training for those looking to start a promising new career.

And hands-on training has its own unique advantages, especially in the manufacturing industry. Continue reading to learn more!

New Career Without Experience? AMTEP Can Help!

Combine Learning And Practice

There are many people who find it challenging to learn solely in the classroom or from a book. Those who learn visually or “by doing” often find their footing during hands-on training. And it’s easy to see why. Hands-on training allows trainees to experience and perform the real duties that they would have to do on the manufacturing floor. This allows trainees to make and correct mistakes in real-time, often under the careful guidance of an experienced instructor.

Develop On-The-Job Skills

Hands-on training also allows trainees to develop on-the-job skills. These skills are typically those developed while gaining experience as an entry-level worker. When you take part in hands-on training, you can develop these skills and gain a healthy jumpstart when entering the job market where the more experience you have, the more likely you are to get the job. 

Repetition and Knowledge Retention

man working with machine

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. According to the National Library of Medicine, “When stimuli are learned by repetition, they are remembered better and retained for a longer time.”

No matter what field of manufacturing you are focused on, hands-on training can help you retain knowledge via action and repetition. When trainees repeat a task hands-on, it more securely stays in their memory. This means that you’ll show up to your new job ready to go from day one.

Hands-On Training = Networking

If we move beyond the training aspect of hands-on courses, hands-on training provides great networking opportunities. When you perform routine manufacturing tasks, you are often interacting with experienced instructors or professionals out in the field. These individuals (and your coursemates) may take notice of your skills and determination. When they do, you never know what job opportunities you might be recommended for in the future.

It’s More Fun!

Ultimately, hands-on training is simply more fun! When else do you get the chance to get out onto a manufacturing floor and wield the tools and techniques performed there. Hours upon hours spent in a classroom can feel boring, tedious, and uninteresting. With AMTEP, our hands-on training can keep you engaged – learning, making friends, and having fun – all while preparing yourself for a promising new profession.

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