Let’s face it – no one likes a dead-end job.

Working a “dead-end” job can take a serious toll on a person’s motivation and mental health. These jobs often leave minimal room for professional growth, asking an employee to perform tedious tasks day in and day out with little to look forward to.

In today’s blog, let’s explore how the manufacturing industry provides freedom and flexibility for its employees to grow as professionals at their own pace.

The Many Opportunities For Career Growth In Manufacturing

How important is career growth or development?

Okay, so we know that career growth is important, but exactly how important is it?

Well, 87% of millennials say that growth and career development are top priorities when searching for a career. 

For context, millennials are currently the largest generation of workers at around 56 million professionals. 

Additionally, 94% of employees stay at companies that invest in employee training and professional development.

These stats indicate a clear message–workers, especially millennials, seek job growth and professional development opportunities. 

When these opportunities aren’t available, many employees will either feel negative about their work situation or will look to move on from their current jobs (often both).

For many, the best way to guarantee job growth is to join an industry that encourages additional education, on-the-job training, and general professional development. Fortunately, we know an industry that does just that.

How does the manufacturing industry promote job growth?

The manufacturing industry, especially here on the North Shore of Massachusetts, is one that promotes job growth from outside and from within.

As we have explored above, encouraging career development is a great way to help retain a workforce of positive employees. But there are many other reasons to prioritize further development and career training.

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Industry Growth

One of which is that the manufacturing industry is constantly growing and evolving. In fact, according to Deloitte, “the manufacturing industry is building back fast, undeterred by significant labor and supply chain challenges.”This means that more and more positions will be required to keep up with the industry’s positive growth. By promoting from within, employers can both hire trained and trusted professionals to fill higher positions and bring in entry-level workers to fill those gaps.

Evolving Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Every day, new technologies are developed and implemented in professional settings. There’s no better example of this than within manufacturing.

As advanced machine capabilities, robotics, automation, and other technologies continue to innovate, these cutting-edge tools will require skilled workers to wield them. Pretty cool, huh?

In recognition of this need, many manufacturing employers are willing and motivated to send current employees for further training–either to develop new skills in your current position or to switch to a different focus of interest.

The freedom to grow (on your terms)

By offering opportunities for career development and training, the local manufacturing industry places a lot of freedom and flexibility into their employees’ hands. 

This can alleviate the worry about getting trapped in a dead-end job. If you feel as though you’re ready to take on a new challenge, many local manufacturing companies are happy to facilitate that.

Additionally, if you’re completely fine where you are–well, that’s great! One of the best parts of a manufacturing career is the freedom to grow and learn at your own pace.