Are you tired of overworking yourself at a minimum wage job, earning a paycheck you can barely pay the bills with? Maybe you’re even making above minimum wage, but you’re just not where you’d like to be financially. 

Whatever your situation may be, did you know that with minimal training at no cost to you- you could be switching careers and going into an industry with a starting salary of $19.25 per hour? Keep reading to learn how working with the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program (AMTEP) could help you significantly grow your income with a career in manufacturing. 

Making a Career or Job Switch 

Any financial expert will tell you that if you are interested in increasing your income or salary, making a job or career switch is one of the best ways to achieve this. Although it may be uncomfortable to consider starting a new path, staying in a situation you are unsatisfied with but comfortable in can only hurt you in the long run. The only opportunity for increasing your salary in your current position (if even possible) is via a raise. Raises are based on a percentage of your current wage and can only increase by so much. 

When you completely switch jobs, you hold the power of being able to ask for a significantly higher starting wage, especially if you are switching into an industry that already starts high. You hold the position of power in this situation, as you don’t have to accept any job offer that is too low. 

Avoid Drowning in Debt-Repayment 

If you identify as unemployed, underemployed, or inexperienced and are seeking a career in manufacturing, AMTEP offers both free training and apprenticeship opportunities. In just a few months, you can go from knowing little to nothing about manufacturing to having the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully enter a position in the industry. 

Being able to switch to an entirely new career path with no debt is an incredibly strategic financial move. Educational debt can be crippling, especially to individuals who accrue thousands. It can often be misleading to take out large loans, only to realize that once you are graduated and in the workforce, most of the extra money you are making in your career will have to go back to your debt repayment. Through AMTEP, individuals can get the training they need to grow their skill set and income, without having to pay back the difference. 

Opportunities for Career Advancement 

One of the best ways to ensure that your income will consistently grow throughout your lifetime is by entering an industry with opportunities for position growth. Instead of working a dead-end job with no room for advancement, entering into a manufacturing position allows you to not only earn a higher wage from the start but also ensures that as you gain more experience, you will have the opportunity to grow your salary and your position responsibility. 

There are many opportunities for career growth in advanced manufacturing, as the industry continues to grow and evolve, so too will the demand for workers. Don’t waste your time toiling away in a job that doesn’t fulfill your soul or bank account, sign up for a free training with AMTEP today and take the first step towards your new career.