For individuals entering the job market for the first time, those facing unemployment, or those seeking a more stable career switch, the manufacturing industry is brimming with opportunities. 

One entryway into the industry that may want to consider is an apprenticeship. There are many benefits of joining an apprenticeship program, especially in the manufacturing industry. Let’s go over these benefits, for both individuals and employers, so that you can decide whether or not apprenticeship is right for you.

First of all, what is an apprenticeship?

Essentially, an apprenticeship is where individuals receive on-the-job training for a specific field. Unlike most internships, apprenticeships are typically paid, meaning that apprentices are able to learn a trade while making income.

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5 benefits of joining an apprenticeship program

There are many benefits when it comes to starting your career as an apprentice. Let’s explore just a few of the advantages you can gain by starting an apprenticeship with a local Massachusetts manufacturing company.

1. Learn Under Experienced Manufacturers

One of the most fulfilling aspects of apprenticeships is learning from experienced professionals in the manufacturing industry. These veteran manufacturers can show you the ropes in ways that can be difficult to replicate in a classroom setting. And during your apprenticeship, you can always rely on their guidance and knowledge as a resource.

2. Receive Hands-On Training

Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, apprentices receive hands-on training–making it a real advantage for the learn-by-doing-type individuals out there. So whether you seek a manufacturing career in CNC machine operation, welding, or robotics, you can go hands-on during your apprenticeship, allowing you to learn proven methods and build skills while you try on various “manufacturing hats”.

3. Get Real Work Experience

There’s really no way to tell how a job will be until you get your boots on the ground. Apprenticeships put you right in the middle of the action. You’ll experience what it’s really like within a manufacturing facility from the day you start. And as you begin to master your trade and work alongside your mentor, you’ll gain increased comfort and confidence.

4. Increase Your Earning Potential

As we have mentioned above, apprenticeships provide real working experience. As you build that experience, you’ll be sure to build man skills to add to your resume. And the more skills and experience on your resume, the higher your pay rate. 

5. Get Paid To Learn

One of the best aspects of joining an apprenticeship is that you get paid to learn. For many, trying to work their way through college can be an overwhelming task that leads to burnout. When you join an apprenticeship, you can consolidate your learning and earning efforts into the typical workday, providing you with work/life balance and a consistent paycheck.

Join An Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program

So, does all this sound like the perfect fit for you! Whether you’re just entering the job market, looking to learn new skills, or seeking a career change, taking on an apprenticeship may be just the boost you need to start a successful career. Be sure to reach out to us today to learn more about our manufacturing apprenticeship opportunities.