It’s a new year, and that means a fresh start. For some, that means looking at new career opportunities. If you’ve been feeling uninspired at your current job, or are unemployed and looking to start a career, a job in the manufacturing industry could be the change you’re looking for. With AMTEP, you’ll have the opportunity to switch gears and take control of your career.

Hands-On Training from Experienced Instructors

You might be wondering how to get into the manufacturing industry. After all, most jobs want applicants with some form of prior experience. That’s where AMTEP comes in. We offer hands-on training programs that have been vetted by Northeast Advanced Manufacturers to ensure you’ll be gaining skills applicable to the workplace. These courses are led by instructors with years of experience, so you’ll know you’re getting the best instruction possible.

With a mixture of traditional classroom learning and hands-on training, you’ll have the knowledge and training to feel confident applying for a manufacturing job in the path of your choice.

Start a Career with No College Debt

When you start planning to take control of your career, you might consider going back to school. That’s what people do, right? But college debt can be crippling to many Americans. Getting into manufacturing is a great option because AMTEP training programs are at no cost to you! By teaming up with educational partners and career centers, you can participate in a program without having to worry about taking out student loans.

Multiple Manufacturing Paths to Choose From

The manufacturing industry has a wide variety of needs and careers, which is why AMTEP offers several different pathways that you can choose from. You can take control of your career by choosing the path that feels right for you and taking the relevant training program. You can choose to become a CNC machine operator, welder, electronic technician, electro-mechanical assembler, quality control inspector, or even get into robotics with a single multi-hour program.

This is arguably more efficient than college, where you’d need to take classes outside of your major to fulfill your required credits to graduate. When you’re looking to get started on a new career, you don’t want to waste your time on unnecessary classes and homework.

Networking and Job Resources Upon Course Completion

When you finish your chosen program, you’re not just left to find a job on your own. We work with career centers and manufacturing companies to find placements for our graduates. Many who finish the courses get placed in their chosen career path by MassHire and become quite successful. The courses also offer great networking opportunities, as you’ll meet fellow students, alumni, and instructors who can help you find the ideal job and company.

It’s easier to take control of your career than you think when you join the manufacturing industry. With AMTEP’s help, you’ll be well on your way to success with a new job, hands-on experience, and an abundance of networking opportunities.