Isn’t New Year’s exciting? The New Year and the resolutions that go along with it represent an opportunity for a fresh start; a new beginning. This can come in the form of starting a healthy exercise or eating routine, picking up a new hobby, changing your mindset or even beginning your journey towards a new fulfilling career.

A Fresh Career in Manufacturing

There’s a common misconception that a career in manufacturing requires hours upon hours of tedious and repetitive work. However, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth. A career in manufacturing gives its employees the opportunity to learn a skill, get paid a fair wage, achieve job security, pursue a neverending chance for growth and promotion, and to make a true difference within our community, country, and even worldwide.

When it comes to the various professions within manufacturing, the industry is continuously innovating and expanding, always seeking new blood and education-hungry individuals to fill gaps left by a retiring workforce. With new modes of operation, technology, and techniques coming into play daily, such as Industry 4.0, manufacturers consistently seek ways to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of the products, parts, or services that they provide.

Manufacturing in 2020: The Next Generation

You hear the word, innovation, thrown around a lot these days (even within these blogs). This is because our modern world and technology strive for innovation on a daily basis. Manufacturing is no different. In fact, we would argue that manufacturing is one of the most innovative, technologically advanced industries in the world, requiring equally as innovative minds to wield the advanced equipment, computers, and robotics technology required to get the job done properly.

AMTEP – Guiding You Towards Manufacturing in 2021

In acknowledgment of the growing need for fresh minds to promote the success of manufacturing in the Northeast, the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium has put together AMTEP (or the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program). This program seeks to expand the manufacturing training opportunities on the North Shore of Massachusetts and other parts of the state to full capacity over a five-year period.

The program offers incoming trainees over 415 hours of technical machining manufacturing training provided by experienced and knowledgeable teachers and instructors. Our various partnering community colleges and technical schools, located across the state, provide accessible locations and flexible scheduling for all participants. Trainees also have the option to take part in foundational training and English as a second language course, alongside first-hand tours of manufacturing facilities (COVID-pending).

Make 2021 Your Most Successful Year Yet

It’s no secret that last year was rough. Being stuck inside, unable to really push your productive boundaries has caused numerous mental health issues throughout the world. Many people, unfortunately, lost their jobs, their income, and their peace of mind.

If you have recently found yourself unemployed or if you are seeking a more fulfilling career, we strongly encourage you to contact us and look into manufacturing. Through hands-on training, expert guidance, and dedicated job placement, the AMTEP program can find an incredible place for you. Together, let’s make 2021 your most successful and proud year yet!