There are many circumstances in which people find themselves wanting to make a career switch. Maybe they have gone to school and are getting ready to graduate, or maybe they have a great connection through a family friend. There are, however, also situations where people may not want to switch or are afraid to switch careers, based on doubt, but are still dissatisfied with their current work situation. 

If you are feeling as though you are at a crossroads in your career, keep reading to find out whether or not it’s time for you to take the next step in your career and make a switch. 

You’re Feeling Unsatisfied/Unhappy 

If you are feeling as though your daily routine just isn’t fulfilling anymore, your career may be to blame. There are several reasons that could be to blame for feeling a little unmotivated or gloomy lately, it’s important to look at all aspects of your life to determine which aspect needs a little revamping. If your personal relationships with friends and family, home life, or other areas all seem to be in order, then you may be dealing with a sort of crisis in your career. 

If this seems to be the case, don’t worry. It’s very common for people to feel unsatisfied spending 40 hours a week at their job, it is work afterall. It is important to remember, however, that if you are going to be spending so much of your time and energy in a specific place, surrounded by specific people, and doing specific things, that you at least enjoy it on some level. 

Whatever the cause of your dissatisfaction at work may be, if there are no plausible solutions to resolve your feelings, it may be time to consider pursuing other jobs, or even careers. Many graduates of AMTEP have noted the fulfillment that comes with their new career. Whereas before they were maybe not allowed to explore their specific skills or interests, manufacturing is such a diverse field that you can really tailor it to your personal interests. Our training program allows you to select classes and find apprenticeships that will best serve your career growth. 

You’re Not Being Adequately Financially Compensated 

A large point of contention for many employees lies in their paycheck and salary. It’s no lie that money is a taboo topic in the workplace and it can often be a really uncomfortable conversation to have. Many employers take advantage of this and lowball employees who are too afraid to advocate for themselves. It’s important to recognize factors such as these in your own working situation and be an advocate for yourself.

There are certain positions, such as minimum wage jobs, which do not allow much room for negotiating when it comes to wages. This can be a tough situation to navigate and many people have many different opinions on this. Feeling as though you are genuinely underpaid for the work that you do, however, is always valid and it never hurts to explore other options. 

If you are being consciously underpaid in your role, it may be time to start considering a career switch. The great thing about a career in manufacturing is that it requires minimal schooling and with AMTEP you can access education for little to no cost. 

Once completing the AMTEP program, our students have graduated to skilled workers. The manufacturing industry understands this and compensates as such. Did you know that manufacturing employees make an average hourly wage of $30.86? Don’t waste your time and passion in a career that won’t recognize and value you, consider a career in manufacturing. 

You’re Bored or Too Comfortable 

It is well known that being stagnant in your career is a trap too easy to fall into. If you are lucky enough to find a job that you enjoy, you’re comfortable with your coworkers, and you find security in your daily routine – why would you ever leave? All of these aspects are great for a job you want to dedicate a decent amount of your career to- but how long is too long? 

Experts recommend that in order to encourage steady career growth, you should stay at a job for a minimum of two years and a maximum of five years. Obviously, this is a recommendation and should be taken with a grain of salt, however, if you have been in your current position for upwards of 10 years or more, it may be time to start considering a new opportunity. 

In a similar sense, maybe you haven’t been at your job for too long and there’s nothing necessarily wrong about it. Maybe you’ve had years of success in a career sector that has served you well and you just feel as though you’ve done all there is to do. Human beings are inherently dynamic and ever changing, all too often we subscribe to the idea that our career is a part of who we are. Although having a passion and identifying with a career is a wonderful thing, don’t let it trap you into thinking you exist separate from it. 

Changing careers can be intimidating, but if you find yourself feeling bored of the work you’re doing, or like there is no more room for growth, it may be time to consider pursuing a new path of employment. 

You’re Seeking a Different Purpose or a New Skill 

As it is with feeling bored, sometimes the desire for change in your professional life doesn’t come from any particular negative aspect about your job, but rather a desire within yourself. If you have been in the workforce for a while and have been craving a new gig that expands a new skill set or provides a different purpose to your community, manufacturing may be for you. 

Many of our AMTEP grads note the appreciation of the program for allowing a cultivation of a skill set, as aforementioned. Maybe you have been working a desk job for the past 15 years and need a change of direction towards a job that allows you to work hands-on. Maybe you’ve always been interested in the science and technology behind robotics and want to build on that curiosity. Whatever your situation may be, AMTEP makes daunting career changing choices much more approachable. Instead of going into thousands of dollars worth of debt and spending years at a traditional higher ed institution, AMTEP allows you to get a comprehensive and effective education at little to no cost to you in a matter of weeks. 

As far as we know, you get one life to live. Although that may sound dramatic, it is true. Many people find themselves spending years in the same position or industry and are left wondering what the point was. If you have been feeling as though you may want to explore a new aspect of your skill set or even just a change of scenery- it may be time to think about where you could fit into the world of manufacturing. 

How to Get Started

 So you’ve decided to take the leap into a new career- what next? Simply get into contact with AMTEP! You can explore different training options that best fit your schedule, and discuss a potential apprenticeship training that will finely hone your skills and prepare you for a successful career. Don’t worry about the price, AMTEP training is available to unemployed, underemployed, and inexperienced career seekers at no cost. There is no point wasting your days away at a job you feel unfulfilled in, take the steps towards a career in manufacturing with AMTEP today and you’ll never look back.