For many people, when they hear something like “training is free,” it sounds too good to be true. After all, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so people are rightfully wary of fine print, hidden fees, or scams. 

Yet the training provided by NAMC is indeed at no cost to you. The program has many sponsors and manufacturing partners who provide the means to hold free training courses. 

Why do they do this? Because free training benefits everyone in the manufacturing industry, from the workforce to the employers themselves.

Gives People the Training and Opportunities to Join the Industry

When you’re looking for a job, new industries can seem intimidating. Most places seem to want applicants with prior experience or training. However, that becomes a Catch-22, as the only way to get it is through working in the industry or through school. But you won’t get a job without the experience, and going back to school can be expensive.

Free training solves this problem. People with no prior experience who are looking to get into the manufacturing industry aren’t being kept out due to lack of experience or the need to pay for training classes. Instead, they can take free AMTEP courses, which are designed to give students the hands-on experience that manufacturing companies are looking for. In fact, they’re vetted by Northeast advanced manufacturers to ensure that the skills learned are applicable to the workplace. 

Manufacturing training gives people the training and opportunities to join the industry

Helps Employers Find Skilled Laborers

Now, you might be wondering why businesses in the manufacturing industry would spend money providing free training. After all, don’t they want to make money? The truth is, they get something more useful than money – a labor force with real experience and skills that they need for their business.

The root of the issue lies in the fact that Massachusetts is  facing a looming labor shortage. Baby Boomers in the industry are retiring, leaving vacant positions that need to be filled. If they aren’t, the state and even the nation’s economy suffers. So instead, employers are taking the initiative to create opportunities for job-seekers to get into the manufacturing industry workforce. This includes free training that they help vet and fund, guaranteeing they have job applicants with the skills needed to keep the industry going strong.

Manufacturing training helps employers find skilled laborers

Free Training Benefits Both Sides

When classes graduate from the AMTEP training courses, MassHire helps employers get in touch with these trainees, with an 85% employment placement rate and an average hourly starting wage of $19.25. It is a symbiotic relationship where both sides benefit – employers get a skilled workforce to help the industry thrive, and job seekers get relevant experience and training for free and unprecedented job opportunities.

Most importantly...both sides benefit from free training

The fact is, free training benefits the manufacturing industry as a whole. So if you’re thinking about getting a manufacturing job, take advantage of the great opportunity provided by NAMC and Northeastern manufacturers. Take control of your career with the AMTEP training and choose your path in the manufacturing industry today.