Author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins once explained that “people who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed.”

At the NAMC Network, we’ve crafted the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program, or AMTEP, designed to help keep driven unemployed, underemployed, and inexperienced career seekers motivated and successful throughout their education. We’ve committed this program to ensure that individuals hungry for success possess the tools, resources, and opportunities to join the fulfilling manufacturing workforce with proper hands-on training and instruction.

1. Hours of Technical Training with Advanced Educators

The heart of AMTEP is 415 hours of technical machine training hosted at numerous supporting vocational schools and facilities throughout Massachusetts’s North Shore. AMTEP students receive comprehensive training from advanced educators with vast professional knowledge of the manufacturing field.

Along with the extensive, hands-on training, AMTEP includes tours of manufacturing facilities, optional foundation training, English as Second Language Instruction, high school equivalency, and student support services. Schools such as North-Shore Community College, Bunker Hill Community College, Northern Essex, and many more have dedicated their professional services to students in the program.

2. Participate in Specialized Trainings and Apprenticeships

The NAMC has partnered with local manufacturing companies to enroll AMTEP students into registered apprenticeship and training programs, ensuring that employers receive motivated enrollees and AMTEP students’ placement in hands-on learning environments.

These apprenticeships ensure that students are ahead of the curve when it comes to joining the workforce. According to the United States Department of Labor, “apprenticeships help businesses develop highly-skilled employees [and also], reduce turnover rates, increase productivity, and lower the cost of recruitment.”

3. Network with Manufacturing Companies

With the NAMC’s extensive network of manufacturers and educational institutions, students are placed in the best possible position to learn the trade while meeting and networking with experienced professionals and organizations.

Highly successful businesses such as Innovent Technologies, Magellan Aerospace, Ferro-Ceramic Grindings, the GE Foundation, and more are ready and excited to meet with self-motivated students and graduates with the hopes of strengthening their workforces.

4. Specialized Post Graduation Job Placement

Entry-level wages for Massachusetts manufacturing careers are averaging over $18 per hour. With AMTEP knowledge, graduates are poised to make an average of $35 per hour in as little as four years of working in the field.

In fact, a staggering but not surprising, 95% of graduates have been successfully placed into manufacturing positions with the tools needed for success and career gratification. Graduates have been placed in a variety of diverse manufacturing companies and fields, ranging from aerospace to dental implants.

We’ve set out to create a program that is truly, and realistically, life-changing for passionate individuals seeking success, strong incomes, and career direction. With AMTEP, our goal is to train more than 900 students and adults for advanced manufacturing careers by 2024, resulting in lucrative, stable career paths for graduates, and an impressively knowledgeable workforce for manufacturing organizations.